01-03-15 RERB David McCarthy of Keller Williams Boston-Metro, Joe Schutt and Erik Schubert of Unit Realty Group.

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Ali Calls this “The Show of Predictions!!!”

Listen in to hear all the details about what Rick and Ali foresee coming up in 2015.  There are some changes to the appraisal process, and the mortgage industry that you need to know about.  Listen in to get the scoop.

David McCarthy, Broker/Owner of Keller Williams Boston-Metro joins us in studio.  He is the new president of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors (GBAR).  He talks a little about Keller Williams and how they have carved out a special niche here in greater Boston.  They are over 300 agents strong.  David talks about the Greater Boston Association of Realtors (GBAR).  They are “… a true advocate for personal property owner’s rights… they fight for the consumer’s rights to the free transfer of property”.  What is the “Realtor Difference”?  What is their code of ethics and their code of excellence? This is great information to know.  David tells us which neighborhoods he thinks will be HOT in 2015.  Don’t miss out, download the podcast now!

Next up, Joe Schutt and Erik Schubert of Unit Realty Group.  They are a virtual company.  They have coined the phrase “Agile Agent”!  Starting with Sotheby’s they have jumped ship and created something that is “virtual, nimble and agile”.  They built a whole brand around something called “Forward Thinking”.  It’s based on five pillars… Pets, being Tech-centric, City-centric, green, and giving back to the community.  What about sellers that are afraid to pull the trigger?  They explain how they deal with that?  Listen in to hear about the best way to get that done and their predictions for 2015!     ` You can reach Joe and company at  617.833.3376.


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